Domestic Abuse Flyer

 ‘UNDERSTANDING DOMESTIC ABUSE’,  a 1-day course to be held at ADAPT House Rosbrien on Thursday 20th April 2017.  This course is experiential and interactive and uses a variety of training methods.  It is suitable for anyone whose work, professional or voluntary, brings them in contact with women and families

Outline of Training for Agency Staff, Community Activists, 3rd Level Students
Delivered by ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services: 061 412354

The primary focus of the training is:

To create awareness of the dynamics and impact of domestic abuse and its prevalence across all social classes.
To increase the awareness of participants that domestic abuse is a social issue that requires collective action at an institutional and political level.
The training style is participative and interactive, utilizing some experiential methods of learning. It draws on the experience of ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services and other organizations working with women survivors of domestic abuse.
1. To identify and define what is meant by the term “domestic abuse” and to establish scale and incidence with current research.
2. To identify the range of reasons given for domestic abuse which implicitly excuse the abuse and explore how these reinforce the beliefs and attitudes behind domestic abuse.
3. To show the range of ways that an abuser can exert control over their partner and the effects of that controlling behaviour on the survivor.
4. To highlight the dynamics of coercive control and describe the tactics used by perpetrators and risk indicators.
5. To identify the range of reasons why women stay with or return to abusive partners.

Course Fees: €30 (€10 Students & unwaged)
Certificate of attendance will be issued to those who complete the training.

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