Presented by
David Coleman

Wednesday 08th November
Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Limerick

To coincide with this year’s Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) Annual Conference, the Society is delighted to announce a public lecture that will take place on the eve of the beginning of the Conference. The public lecture is in partnership with the Northern Ireland Branch of the British Psychological Society (NIBPS).

When we don’t know what to expect we tend to get anxious. Unpredictability is stressful. Children and teenagers face many uncertainties in their lives, and anxiety among children is on the rise. In this public lecture, David Coleman will focus on understanding how anxiety affects children, teenagers and families. He’ll give concrete and practical tips for how to help children and teenagers to deal with the stresses and pressures in their lives. With David’s usual blend of information, common sense, sensitivity and humour, and an open forum questions and answers at the end, the lecture should be of interest to anyone living with, or working with children and teenagers.

David Coleman is a practicing Clinical Psychologist. He specialises in working with children, teenagers and their families. He is probably best known for the range of television programmes he has presented dealing with childhood struggles, teenage angst and other aspects of family life.

David is also a bestselling author of ‘Parenting is Child’s Play’ a guide to raising young children. His second book is a guide for parents of teenagers called ‘Parenting is Child’s Play: The Teenage Years’. David’s latest book is titled ‘The Thriving Family’.

David is a weekly expert contributor to the Health and Living Supplement with the Irish Independent every Monday and also writes a monthly feature article for the Irish Independent on a range of parenting and family topics. He is also a regular contributor on the ‘Sean O’Rourke Show’ on RTÉ Radio 1.