Limerick City and County Council notes the results of the latest Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) survey which was issued Monday 04 September 2017.


It is heartening to know that many areas have received A grades and that the Thomondgate area is ‘Cleaner than European Norms’.

The Thomondgate area includes Farranshone Road, Ennis Road, Thomond Park and its environs, Sexton Street North, Brown’s Quay, Limerick Institute of Technology, DeValera Park, Clancy Strand and Belfield Gardens.

This reflects the great work residents and businesses in the area in conjunction with the local authority are doing to help make their area a clean, better place to live, and work.

The report does however make for disappointing reading for Limerick City and Galvone.

Limerick City and County Council is working with its own teams and with members of the various communities to help keep their localities litter free.

Initiatives supported by Limerick City and County Council such as Team Limerick Clean-Up, Limerick Going for Gold and Tidy Towns Competition are also encouraging people to be more civic minded, and help stop littering and clean up their areas.

Limerick City and County Council is appealing to all people to help keep Limerick litter free by disposing of their litter and rubbish in a proper manner.

It is incumbent on everyone living, working or visiting Limerick to help keep Limerick tidy and litter free.

We are currently running an awareness campaign about dog poo, advising owners to dispose of their animals’ waste by using ‘any bag in any bin’.

There are approximately 150 litter bins in the city centre which are serviced daily and the streets swept by six mechanical sweepers.  Outdoor staff also tend to litter picking and street and footpath sweeping.

From the Litter Enforcement Team perspective, the local authority’s Litter Team is pro-active in monitoring litter.

In the past 18 months, the Council issued five warning letters regarding illegally dumped waste in Galvone Industrial Estate alone.

One statutory direction requiring the removal of waste was given and this was complied with, while Limerick City and County Council also had one successful court prosecution in respect of illegal dumping of waste in Galvone Industrial Estate.

There have been at least three significant clean-ups this year in the Galvone Industrial Estate to remove waste.

In 2017, Limerick City and County Council has budgeted €5.3 million on Litter Management and Street Cleaning.

The local authority also liaises with property owners on an ongoing basis to advise them of their responsibilities in keeping their properties litter free.

We all need to work together to help keep Limerick clean.  People must take responsibility for their own rubbish and not dump it indiscriminately expecting others to clean it up.


Let’s all do our bit