Public consultation on a possible initiative at EU level in the field of passengers rights in multimodal transport

Public consultation on a possible initiative at EU level in the field of passengers rights in multimodal transport
Consultation period:

The EU has adopted a set of legislation ensuring that passengers have rights when they travel by plane, train, ship and bus. However, when different modes of transport are used one after the other to complete one journey, passengers’ rights are not guaranteed for their entire multimodal journey. This is due to the fact that current EU passenger rights legislations, which regulate each mode separately, cannot be applied effectively in the context of multimodal passenger transport. Therefore, when different modes of transport are used, passenger rights may not be guaranteed when transferring from one mode to another because since no legislation applies in this case.

Objective of the consultation

The European Commission wants to examine options to better protect passengers in the EU when using multimodal transport. The aim of the present open public consultation is to seek the opinion of the general public about key elements of the impact assessment:

  • the problems that passengers face when combining different modes of transport for the same journey, including the drivers as well as the roots of the problem,
  • the options to be assessed, and
  • the likely impacts of each option.

Consultation period

This consultation will last (12) weeks. Questionnaires should be returned by 25 May 2017 at the latest.

Target group

All citizens and organisations are welcome to participate in this consultation.

The consultation can be of particular interest to EU citizens using different modes of transport to complete their journey.

Structure of the questionnaire

The questionnaire contains the following sections:

  • Part A: Identification of the respondents
  • Part B: Questions on the general relevance of the initiative
  • Part C: Assistance to persons with disabilities or with reduced mobility
  • Part D: Other questions

Using the questionnaire

Contributions may be submitted in any official languages of the EU.

Please note that this questionnaire should be completed and submitted within 90 minutes; otherwise the data will be lost. We suggest that you print the pdf document of the consultation, draft your replies separately, and then copy/paste them into the respective fields into the questionnaire.


Specific Privacy Statement

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Please be aware that for processing purposes, only replies submitted on-line via the questionnaire will be accepted (i.e. replies sent by e-mail or fax cannot be accepted). If you are facing difficulties with the online questionnaire, please contact us at the above mentioned email address.