Limerick’s Heritage Art Competition

Limerick City and County Council and Limerick Education Centre are organising an art competition for primary school children in fourth to sixth classes on the theme ‘Limerick City and County’s Heritage – Built, Natural and Cultural Heritage’.

Heritage refers to inherited traditions, monuments, objects, landscapes, streetscapes, and culture.

The goal is to organise an event celebrating Limerick’s unique, rich and diverse heritage throughout the city and county, from pre-historic times, through the middle ages and post 1700 to modern times among young people and the wider community.

The purpose of the competition is:

1. To raise awareness among primary school children and their communities of heritage in Limerick City and County.

For the purposes of this project the following are the categories for entries:

  • Built heritage: historic buildings and man-made structures of architectural merit including bridges, canal buildings, monuments, historic town walls, traditional streetscapes, traditional stone walls and gateways, roadside milestones, archaeological features, and rural farm buildings.
  • Natural heritage: landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna, wildlife habitats, inland waterways
  • Cultural: local history, folklore, place names, local traditions

2. To promote an appreciation of Limerick’s heritage in the wider community to highlight that heritage is under pressure from the demands of modern living.

3. To encourage young people to celebrate and use their diverse artistic skills to express their understanding of Limerick’s heritage.

About the competition:
Children are invited to illustrate through art a picture, or other artistic media, an item under one of the headings as above (that is built heritage, natural heritage, or cultural heritage).

They will submit 2 – 3 sentences to accompany the art piece, to identify the heritage item and its location, outlining why they consider the heritage item/theme they have chosen to be important for future generations.

We ask participating schools to encourage children to discuss the competition at home further assisting in raising awareness of Limerick’s rural and urban heritage. Key criteria for selecting winners will be the focus on individuality, imagination, and creative ideas, rather than technical artistic ability.

Winning entries will be published by Limerick City and County Council in the forthcoming Limerick’s Heritage Plan and the Limerick City and County Development Plan. The winning entries will be published on the Council’s website


The prizes for each category are as follows:

Built Heritage

First Prize: Digital Medieval Workshop (A Norman’s Life) and a guided tour of King John’s Castle for 30 pupils and 2 teachers,

Second Prize: Walking tour of Limerick by Limerick City Walking Tours and the Hunt Museum, the Georgian Quarter or the Medieval Quarter, 30 pupils and 2 teachers,

Third Prize: One day workshop with heritage expert for one class under the Heritage Council’s ‘Heritage in Schools’ programme,

Natural Heritage

First Prize: Outdoor guided tour of Lough Gur including Grange stone circle,

Second Prize: Professional guided tour of Griston Bog Outdoor Classroom, Ballyhoura Failte, for 30 pupils and 2 teachers,

Third Prize: One day workshop with heritage expert for 1 class under the Heritage Council’s ‘Heritage in Schools’ programme,

Cultural Heritage

First Prize: Lough Gur and Hunt Museum, 1 day package for 30 pupils consisting of outdoor tour of Lough Gur including Grange circle, and afternoon session in Hunt Museum on one of the following; Early Cave Art, 800 Years of Fashion,  Life in the Medieval World, Discovery Trail or Animal Hunt, refer to

Second Prize: Guided tour of Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum, for 30 pupils,

Third Prize: One day workshop with heritage expert for 1 class under the Heritage Council’s ‘Heritage in Schools’ programme,

Please note the winning schools provide their own transport to the venues above.

For full terms and conditions please visit