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Closing Date for applications: 5 pm 26th of May

The Limerick Metropolitan GMA Festivals and Events Grant Scheme is the result of a strategic decision by the elected members of the Metropolitan District to allocate €100,000 to provide a competitive scheme that offers to fund under two strands:

Strand 1 – to support the research and development of concepts for new festivals/events.

Strand 2 – to build capacity around the delivery of existing festivals/events.

Festivals and Events play a distinctive role in developing vibrant and sustainable cities and creating environments where people want to live, work and socialise. They offer important opportunities for residents, visitors and performers to interact in what is often a celebratory or commemorative context. They are important key drivers of economic and tourism growth providing an incentive for people to meet, gather and engage in new and interesting ways.


The two strands of funding identified have different objectives in achieving their aims.

Strand 1: The objective of Strand 1 of the Limerick Metropolitan District GMA Festivals and Events Grant Scheme is to support the professional research and development of concepts for new festivals and events in the Metropolitan District of Limerick. By providing grant aid to research and develop festival and event concepts and ideas through professional research and feasibility studies we want to encourage new, innovative and sustainable festivals and events which from inception bring economic, social, and cultural value to the city.

Strand 2: The objective of Strand 2 of the Limerick Metropolitan District GMA Festivals and Events Grant scheme is to support existing festivals and events with a proven track record in the engagement of audiences, delivery of high-quality programmes, the attraction of tourism and which have developed mature and beneficial stakeholder partnerships. The aim of this support is to encourage the growth of festivals/events in areas identified as requiring further investment and development.

Note this grant scheme applies only to Festivals and Events taking place within the Metropolitan District of Limerick. 

For the link to the grant scheme guideline and application forms click here