Increase in funding for direct services to the community is core principle of Budget 2018 unveiled by Limerick City and County Council

  • Limerick City and County Council Corporate Headquarters

Limerick City and County Council has released its draft budget for 2018 with a focus on providing additional services directly to communities across the city and county.

It is the responsibility of the councillors who meet later this week (Friday 17 November 2017) to vote on the adoption of a budget.

A total revenue budget of €158.55 million has been drafted by Limerick City and County Council (excluding HAP valued at €402.77 million), which will see additional spending across a range of services.

This is the budget for the day-to-day running of Limerick City and County Council and the provision of services.

More than half a million euro extra is being spent on direct services for citizens across the city and county compared to 2017. This is funded directly by a proposed 1.75% increase in the Commercial Rate and the Local Property Tax (increase of 7.5% from base rate already agreed).

This will see additional funding for:

  • Maintenance and Improvements to Local and Regional Roads
  • Street Cleaning
  • Community Grants
  • Litter Management
  • Library Services
  • Tourism Development and Promotion

As part of a general expansion in the budget other services which will see their funding increased include:

  • Homeless Services
  • Housing Maintenance
  • Footpath Repairs
  • Urban and Village Renewal
  • Culture and the Arts

There is a reduction in the provision for Bad Debts of €2 million due, in part, to increased payment of the commercial rates.

Limerick City and County Council is further expanding the Small and Medium Business Support Scheme for 2018.

All businesses who have a Qualifying Annual Rate Warrant of less than or equal to €25,000 will be eligible for a 9% support payment, subject to a maximum of €1,000.

A total of 94% of all rateable properties in Limerick will be eligible to apply for this Support Scheme.

The Tourism Support Scheme also remains in place with no changes.

On the capital side, a total of €420 million is budgeted for the next three years, €205 million of which is for housing and building.

In forming the budget, Limerick City and County Council has been guided by the following key objectives:

  • Continue the pace of economic investment in the city and county, facilitating job creation
  • Implementation of tourism and marketing strategy
  • Lead a digital strategy that will lay the foundation for a ‘Smart Limerick Region’
  • Ensure that Limerick is at the forefront in targeting European Funding & investment
  • Enable the Council to advance minor flood relief schemes in collaboration with the Office of Public Works
  • Revitalise our urban areas & villages through the dedicated resources of the Urban and Village renewal department
  • Continue and where possible enhance our programme of supports to our communities
  • Continue to move to a proactive approach to maintenance of our social housing stock
  • Deliver a cultural, tourism and festival programme to make Limerick a recognised hub both nationally and internationally
  • Support to the Limerick Food Strategy
  • To enhance rural development by continuing to invest in our infrastructure
  • Continue to seek efficiencies in service provision, cost reduction and value for money

The statutory budget meeting takes place this Friday (17 November 2017) at 10am in the Council Chamber, Dooradoyle, where councillors will discuss and vote on the adoption of the budget.