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Feast with your neighbours on Sunday 11th June

We’re inviting you to take part in and spread the word about this year’s Street Feast, the national day of street parties and community celebrations. It’s being hosted by neighbours and community groups all over Ireland this 11th June. It’s a perfect excuse to share good food, meet your neighbours and have a bit of craic.

We’re inviting you to encourage your members to get involved.


Free Packs

Once again we’re posting out free party packs to Street Feast hosts. Each helpful pack contains a handy guide to help make your feast a success, as well as posters, invitations, balloons and bunting to get the party started! To get your pack you need to register your feast on our website and make sure to request a pack when registering.

It’s easy!

It’s a simple idea. Street Feasts can be held anywhere; on the pavement, in a laneway or a local park. They can be any size, from 10 to 100 people. Everyone is invited to bring something to contribute, be it a tasty dish, some chairs or a musical instrument.

Check out what happened last year when 120,000 neighbours took part!


Finally, please spread the word

This is a people-powered initiative – we need your help to spread the word about Street Feast. Please forward this email to your friends, neighbours and network and inspire them to take part.

To get more inspiration, information, or to join the party, check out