How to register on Limerick PPN to be allowed access to the Forum


Step1) Go to

Step 2) On the left hand side of the page you will see two text boxes where you can enter your chosen username and your email address. See picture below:


Enter your email address and tick the box “I agree to Limerick PPN T&Cs” Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions beforehand!

Please use a one word username. For example: marysmith


Step 3) The PPN administrator will receive an email alerting that a new user awaits approval.

As soon as you enter your chosen username and email address you will see a page with what you see in the picture below:


Only when the website administrator approves your request to join the forum you will get an email confirming that like in the picture below:


Step 4) Once you receive this email you will be able to log onto the forums using the password and username received.

You will be shown the link to the forum page:

Once back there please enter your username and password in the text boxes and click on Log In

Step 5) You should now be able to click on either the pictures or the names of each forum and access them

Step 6) Create your topic by clicking on Create New Topic in “Private: (Forum’s Name)” or reply to an existing topic by clicking on the topic you would like to add to, above the Create New Topic heading. You can also add attachments to the topic, but you must type some text in the topic text box or the attachment won’t work

Don’t worry if you make mistakes: Just let the Administrator know and you will be assisted.

VERY IMPORTANT: Always remember to click on LOG OUT at the bottom of the page on the left hand side when you have finished your session


My name is Stefano, I am the webmaster looking after the website and the forum and you can contact me on 087 2297449 or

Please include you username and email address when you contact me about issues using the forums.

Thank you