Community Governance Training this Autumn with Ballyhoura Development

Ballyhoura Development’s Community Governance Training Initiative returns this autumn with a suite of workshops aimed at supporting the development, growth and sustainability of local, not-for-profit organisations and charity groups and to build the capacity of those contributing social capital to address issues in our communities.

The workshop series begins with “Communicating the Cause: Measuring the Impacts & Demonstrating the Effectiveness of your Organisation” onWednesday, October 12th, from 7pm to 10pm at Coote Hall Resource Centre, Kilmallock. Delivered by Caroline Egan of CramdenTECH, this workshop explains the importance of measuring outcomes and impact for local charities, how to develop an Annual Activity Report tailored to a range of stakeholder groups, and importantly, how to make the work of the organisation transparent using both online and offline communication tools.

The series continues with inputs on relevant themes for groups such as Business and Project Planning for Communities, Choosing Appropriate Governing Structures, Roles and Responsibilities of Committee & Board members, Principles of Good Fundraising, The Governance Code, Volunteer Management, Risk Management, Finance Matters for Non-Financial Managers and Board Members, and Financing Community Projects. The full programme details are available

Development Officer with Ballyhoura Development, David O’Grady, said that the workshop series was developed in response to the needs of local community groups and volunteers.

“With the changes effected by various legislation and regulation, this series of workshops aims to improve community group structures and knowledge of committee/board roles and responsibilities, support compliance with charity and company regulation through relevant codes and standards, gain a better understanding of finance matters, ensure transparency in fundraising, the use of employment best practices and how to effectively communicate the cause to a range of stakeholders.”

He added, that throughout their activities, community organisations will now need to demonstrate their effectiveness to customers/clients, donors, and the public, with greater clarity and transparency. This, coupled with lower levels of public grant aid available to communities projects, organisations and their boards of management will have to show how sustainable they are as an organisation, their resilience to external threats, and ability to adapt and diversify into new income generation streams.

The workshops are held at venues across the Ballyhoura Development area through October and November with delivery by quality facilitators such as Paul O’Raw of O’Raw Consultancy, Caroline Egan of CramdenTech, and Hugh O’Reilly and Ivan Cooper of The Wheel. The programme is supported through the Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme for organisations in the Ballyhoura Development area.

Places are free but must be booked in advance with David O’Grady at Ballyhoura Development, Kilfinane, by or tel. 063-91739

PDF available here : ballyhouradev_communitygovernance_autumn2016