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Ballot papers for a plebiscite to rename The Square in Newcastle West have been posted to eligible voters.

Following on from a request by the Municipal District of Newcastle West, the full meeting of Limerick City and County Council agreed to the plebiscite on the 28th November 2016.

A total of 39 residents and ratepayers are eligible to vote.

The ballot paper states: “I consent to an application being made for change of the name of “The Square” to “Con Colbert Square”

Eligible voters are being asked to tick the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ box.

In order for the plebiscite to be carried there must be a 4/7ths (four sevenths) majority in favour of the name change.

The ballot papers were posted on Friday 5th May 2017, with a closing date for receipt of completed ballot papers being 4.00pm on Friday 19th May, 2017.

The ballot box will be opened and papers counted on Wednesday, 24th May at 10am in Áras William Smith O’Brien, Newcastle West.

A decision should be known later that day.