Structure of the PPN

There are 5 PPNs in Limerick, and these are structured on two levels:

  • at a City & County level (called the “Plenary”)
  • at local area level (called Municipal District PPNs)


Currently, there are 442 groups/organisations registered with the PPN. These make up the “Plenary” which meets to at least twice a year.

At a local area level, this is broken down in the following way:

  • Adare/ Rathkeale PPN – 47 members
  • Cappamore / Kilmallock – 122 members
  • Metropolitan PPN – 198
  • Newcastle West PPN – 52

These Municipal District PPNs also meet at least twice a year.


PPN member organisations are also categorised into 3 sectors:

  • Community & Voluntary Sector: 360 members
  • Social Inclusion Sector: 52 members
  • Environment Sector: 7 members

2018 sees an important development to protect and encourage the autonomy of the PPN – the establishment of a fully functioning legalo entity;

Company Information

Company Name: Limerick Public Participation Network Operations Company Limited by Guarantee

Company Registration Office Number: 609337

Registered Office: 51 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Registration with the CRA has been completed and status is pending