Building Creative Communities Creative Communities– Limerick City and County Council welcomes major creativity initiative

Creativity in every community core aim of five year plan with special focus on children for 2017
Enabling creativity in every community is a core pillar of the Creative Ireland Programme, an ambitious five-year initiative, from 2017 to 2022, which will place our strongest assets – our culture and creative communities – at the centre of public policy.
In 2016, Limerick City and County Council demonstrated their unique capacity to activate and support community engagement and participation in marking the 1916 centenary year through a wide range of arts, culture and heritage initiatives.
Creative Ireland aims to build on this success by leading on the development of a dedicated Culture and Creativity Plan for Limerick city and county and based on the premise that participation in cultural activity drives personal and collective creativity, with significant implications for individual and societal wellbeing.
2017 will see a special focus on children and young people with the specific objective of fast-tracking the Charter for Arts in Education, which will significantly increase access and participation for children in high quality arts and culture experiences.
A network of highly experienced arts officers, heritage officers and librarians has been set up across all 31 local authorities to lead on each county’s Creative Ireland Programme and a series of public meetings will be held over the next four weeks to share ideas, develop
collaborations and explore opportunities for increased investment in local arts, culture and creative industries.
Additional funding to support the initiative will be made available through the Creative Ireland Programme in 2017 with the potential for further investment over the next four years. Sheila Deegan has been appointed Creative Ireland co-ordinator for Limerick City and County Council.
In addition, all the agencies of Government, including national cultural institutions, state agencies, government departments, organisations, individuals and communities will be activated to embed creativity across all aspects of their work – and use that creative potential to foster collective wellbeing and social cohesion.
Limerick City and County Council and the Creative Ireland national team will host an open meeting on Friday, 10th March 2017 from 1pm-3pm at Limerick City Gallery of Art to share details about the programme and to explore opportunities to increase access, engagement and collaboration in the local arts and creative industries in Limerick.
Speaking in advance of the public meeting, Conn Murray, Chief Executive, Limerick City and County Council said: “Limerick is in a unique position to work with the government in delivering the Creative Ireland Programme at a local level. In 2014 as first National City of Culture and during the centenary year of celebrations in 2016, Limerick citizens, of diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate through culture. We look forward to enabling creativity in every community to continue to build the capacity of communities, organisations and individuals that is also in line with the Limerick Cultural Strategy.”
Full details of the Creative Ireland Programme are available at